Himalayan Nature Park Kufri

Himalayan Nature Park Kufri

  • Himachal Pradesh India
History of Management

The foundation of Himalayan Bird Park Chaura Maidan was laid by Sh. S. Chakravarthi Honb’le Governor of Himachal Pradesh in1971. This aviary was got constructed by Sh. B. Baddri Honb’le Governor of Himachal Pradesh in1972. At that time animals like deer, leopard etc. were also kept in this Park. Visitors were allowed to see these birds and animals free of cost. Being so close to Indian Institute of Advanced Studies and H. P. State Museum this Aviary started attracting tourists.

During 1982 this aviary was gutted in fire. Then in 1993-94 the then Hon’ble Governor Sh. Gulsher Ahmmad Sahib showed interest in this aviary and asked the Forest Department and State Government to rebuilt this aviary. This aviary was reconstructed in 1993-94 having total area of 1136.97 m2.

General Information

Himalayan Bird Park, a walk- in -aviary is situated in the heart of Shimla City at a distance of 17 Km from Kufri as the Satellite Facility of HNP, Kufri. This Aviary surrounded by oak and Deodar trees and provides an unforgettable opportunity to be amidst Western Himalayan Birds. In this aviary natural conditions have been simulated by creating ponds, water channels and fountain.

Statement Of Significance

The site is though very small in extent but is important for taking care of pheasants and other rescued birds in Shimla and around. In Rescue and Rehabilitation Centre Tutikandi there is no facility for keeping the rescued birds. Therefore, this aviary is also being used as rescue centre for the birds. This Aviary is a Satellite Facility of Himalayan Nature Park Kufri and is dedicated exclusively to birds. The main purposes of this aviary are improvement in bird raising practices and conservation education.


To create the best possible environment for our birds and to serve the public by presenting displays that entertain, educate as well as create awareness among visitors belonging to different walks of life.

To develop among visitors an empathy towards beautiful but lesser known Himalayan birds and motivate them to support the cause of conservation.


Primary objective of establishing this walk-in-aviary for Birds is education, motivation and awareness among the masses regarding importance of conservation of Himalayan birds/pheasants.

‘Birds housed in the Bird Park includes Monal, Kalij pheasant, Cheer pheasant, Silver pheasant, Red jungle fowl, Indian peafowl, Indian Goose’.

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