Himalayan Nature Park Kufri

Himalayan Nature Park Kufri

  • Himachal Pradesh India
Animal collection plan

Emphasis is on the display of western Himalayan fauna. An emphasis has been given to provide bigger and naturalistic enclosures for most of the species. All the enclosures have been provided with adequate protection to animals against natural climatic variations, fulfilling the individual needs like, night sheds, caves, trees, shrubs, logs etc. which will meet their biological and physiological needs.

‘Nature Park houses Musk deer, Barking deer,Goral, Sambar, Himalayan tahr, Brown beer, Black beer, Leopard cat, Leopard, Monal, Kalij, Silver pheasant, Red Jungle fowl,Cheer pheasant, Western tragopan, Grey Bhutan peacock,Himalayan Griffon vulture,Lady Amherst pheasant, Golden pheasant’.

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