Adopted Animals

Himalayan Nature Park Kufri

Himalayan Nature Park Kufri

  • Himachal Pradesh India
Adoption Programme

The adoption programme is a novel way to show support, care for wild animals and be a part of wildlife conservation for general public. By adopting ones favourite animal, one can contribute towards feeding of the animal for one full year (or period of adoption).

Adopting an animal is fun not only for an individual, but also for friends and family too. An adoption makes a great gift for birthdays, anniversaries etc., and is always unique. By adopting an animal general public and organizations can show their concern towards conservation.

Minimum adoption of the animals/birds is for one year which can be extended for the desired period with the consent of the adopter.

It’s a unique way to support our wildlife conservation efforts, and to create a special bond with the Zoo. For this noble cause, you are requested to adopt animals/birds kept in our Zoo. You can choose animals/birds which suit your fancy, or budget.

Animal for adoption: musk deer be also included
Contact us: DFO WL Shimla contact detail to be included

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