Animal For Adoption

Himalayan Nature Park Kufri

Himalayan Nature Park Kufri

  • Himachal Pradesh India

The annual feeding/health care cost of the adopted animals will be charged from the adopter, detail of species wise expenditure is given as under:-

List of Animals in Himalayan Nature Park, Kufri

Name of species Total No. animals/ birds in the Zoo Annual Expenditure (approx.) per animal/bird
Western Tragopan 2 7200
Cheer Pheasant 24 6400
Red Jungle Fowl 21 6400
Silver Pheasant 3 6400
Himalayan Monal 2 7200
Kalij Pheasant 6 6400
Bhutan Grey Peacock 1 6400
Lady Amherst's pheasant 2 7200
Golden Pheasant 2 7200
Vulture 1 22000
Sambar 4 60000
Goral 9 20000
Himalayan Tahr 2 22000
Barking Deer 17 14000
Leopard Cat 4 30000
Leopard 2 160000
Himalayan Brown bear 3 80000
Himalayan Black Bear 1 80000

The Society shall provide the following on account of adoption of Zoo animals/birds:-

   Adoption certificate will be given to donors/adopters.
   Board specifying name of donor persons/institutions will be displayed in front of that particular animal enclosure.
   Adopters will be provided with complimentary passes.
   The adopter/donors will be on the list of honour of the Society and their names will also be displayed at entry gates of the          zoo.
   Due publicity of donors shall be made in media.

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