Future Plans

Himalayan Nature Park Kufri

Himalayan Nature Park Kufri

  • Himachal Pradesh India

Conveying the message of conservation education through demonstrative, replicable and learning experiences without compromising the expected standards of display of wild animals and flora under the existing policies and rules.

To connect visitors and animals through exemplary animal welfare and care, best educational and inspirational experiences, fostering public appreciation and support for wild animals and conservation.


Conservation Breeding to breed and rear the endangered species of the fauna of Western Himalayan region with       the object of saving them from extinction and eventually to enrich the depleted fauna in wild.

Conservation Education to provide information through modern techniques like touch screen showing the Zoo’s       heritage, interpretation centre, museum etc.

Rescue and Rehabilitation of abandoned / orphaned and deserted/ injured animals.

Exhibit and display of wild animals in a naturalistic conditions.

To serve the cause of Wildlife conservation by arousing interest and concern for wildlife.

SStudy and documentation of the habits and behavior of animals and birds in their natural surroundings as well as       in captivity.

To provide upgraded Veterinary facilities.

To develop Cafeteria, Children park, other sitting areas/parks, souvenir shop, Rest House facilities, parking       facilities. New and upgraded exhibits and facilities will provide improved standards for animals, staff and visitors.

Upgraded Visitor Amenities like Drinking water facilities, Rain Shelters, Toilet facilities, shaded rest and sitting       areas.


At present Kufri Zoo organizes various education programs quite successfully. A separate education wing is to be formed to take care of this activity. Zoo has not been able to reach the rural students and also local schools and colleges due to lack of required facilities, which is to be tackled in near future.

ApAppointment of an Education Officer with experience of teaching and knowledge of life sciences, to head the       Education and conduct all activities related to Education is a priority.

Emphasis shall be given to Zoo extension programs (Outreach and Inreach programmes) on weekdays, involving       different target groups. A good presentation about the role of Zoos / Public in Conservation shall be made to       educate the target audience.

Regular screening of Wildlife Films shall be done in the Zoo Auditorium, on big screen, to educate visitors.

Brochures / Booklets / CD’s containing more information on wildlife should be prepared and made available to       the the visitors, at nominal rate.

An Auditorium is proposed to be constructed to conduct classes for visitors, on regular basis, at a fixed time,       where the Education Officer / Zoo Guides can interact with the visitors, about Zoo activities and conservation       aspects, in an interesting way, in a natural set up.

IInteractive Interpretation Centre would be established with the technical help of experts, to educate people about       various aspects of Wildlife and Conservation.

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